A new forest governance: that’s what the first city of the Inner Africa label wants to introduce. The city will be touristic and agro-climatic but will be quite different from what each of us had the occasion to witness. Immersed in the forest and pioneer of agroforestry, it will carry the Congo basin’s forest message to the international community.

The location of the forest’s city

The village of Ngompen, located in the Littoral region halfway between Yaoundé and Douala, will be the host of our sustainable city.  

The city will be implanted on a delimited private land of 40 hectares, belonging to Mr DELSART’s family. About 70% of the land is occupied by a humid equatorial forest. The area can be extended to 100 hectares in the future.

A high city

Ngompen city’s particularity is that it will be partly built on the canopy, in order not to occupy the soil or cut trees.

The city will be designed in partnership with ecological artists and architects. The forest is a sacred place for the local populations. The city will therefore have an appeasing, spiritual and fairy-like atmosphere. The execution will be done in collaboration with specialists and students from Cameroon, France, and other countries.

What the city has to offer…

The city of Ngompen will embody many roles :

•Fauna and flora’s conservatory, it will also be an observation and experimental field for scientists and researchers from all over the world.

•The food bank thanks to forestry activities that will be practiced there, it will also constitute a real showcase for typical crops from this region of Cameroon.

•Place of spiritual and emotional recentering, due to the cultural significance of the forest.

•an illustration of the planet’s forests, so that humanity becomes aware of their role in its survival, its restauration, and its management.

Benefits for the entire nation

Since 2011, Cameroon has adopted an ecotourism policy. The Papillon Source’s Cameroonian city will be a non-negligible asset for the country, and the Congo basin in general.

Also, the transnational intellectual and artistic events that will take place in Ngompen will constitute real assets for the host country’s scientific diplomacy.

The unique location and activities of the city will attract scientists, intellectuals, and nature lovers from all over the world, thus opening incredible opportunities for the local youth.