The Papillon Source is a network of green and autonomous cities promoting scientific partnership and the return to the roots.

Project under the EL4DEV program, the Papillon Source cities will be open to all world’s citizens and will reunite on all five continents today’s actors for a better tomorrow. Depending on the geographical areas of implantation, the project will count multiple labels dedicated to the cities in specific geographical areas.

The Inner Africa label of the Papillon Source covers all the countries on the continent, from the Mediterranean coasts to the Indian Ocean’s islands. It means that the African countries that are members of the Papillon Méditerranée label are also part of the Inner Africa label. Africa, the cradle of humanity. The continent is often represented under a dark light, as a land of violence and lacks. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Africa is  home to great civilizations, and a land of unique material, cultural and demographical wealth.

It was therefore logical for the continent to have its own label.

The Inner Africa label was first launched by a project of agro-climatic and touristic city in Cameroon’s forest region, within the Congo basin’s forest. The primary objectives of this project are the practice of sustainable forestry management, the conciliation between economic and human development, and nature’s preservation.