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«Le papillon source » will be an unequalled amusement park entirely built on the proportions of the golden section. It will be self-managed, powered by free energy and built with quality materials in total respect for nature.
It will be based on the theme of the ideal city and the Golden Age as spread by great utopian philosophers (« The state-city » and « Atlantis » of Plato, « Utopia » by Thomas More, « The city of the sun » by Tommaso Campanella, « The new Atlantis » of Francis Bacon, but also the city of « Camelot », ruled by king Arthur, the Inca cities of gold, etc.).

« Le papillon source » will be held on the following themes:
– The experience of knowledge sharing
– The experience of ressources sharing
– The experience of creativity
– The experience of interdependence
– The experience of collective intelligence

Through specific installations, visitors will experiment by themselves.

Through exciting and magical attractions where wonder and imagination will be there bringing everyone to be aware of its impact and its connection to everything.

Scientists and interactive museums:
This will be through the practice of many fun and highly attractive tests. In particular, there will be explanations, assumptions, 3D projections, immersion spaces and practical workshops.

The benefits of re-centering and energy:
The atmosphere of this visionary and utopian city will take you into a mind and body soothing energy. Sports and relaxation will be provisions as well as access to treatments (herbal medicine, acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage and many more).

Bio-restaurants and healthy eating:
Diversity of menus whose biologic ingredients will come from own cultures of the city.

Permaculture and gardens:
It will be about initiations, tours and funny activities around biologic farming and healthy food.

And many other topics that still will not be revealed here…

More than a tourist centre, « le papillon source » will be a place dedicated to:

– Multidisciplinary research on topics related to humanity, ethics, philosophy, science, energy and earth management, etc. It will concentrate a large number of researchers, inventors and visionary people currently isolated, with no support and with great potentials that are solely guided by the real good of humanity

– Business tourism and large projects initiations for meetings, fairs, exhibitions and summits where will mingle subtlety and intelligence of the heart in order to ethically and sustainably manage world affairs

The ways of knowledge inexorably pass through personal experimentation. « Le Papillon Source » will be a place of wonder, fun and challenge which aims to enable us to explore the realm of the possible.

« Le papillon source » will be a showcase of EL4DEV program’s philosophy.