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EL4DEV is a self-learning process through experimentation and a self-correcting framework rethinking all current socio-economic and behaviour models to incorporate a true spiritual dimension.

Spirituality is concerned with the qualities of the human spirit, love and compassion, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, contentment, a sense of responsibility, a sense of harmony, which bring happiness to both self and others.

From a philosophical point of view, the term spirituality refers to the notion of interiority in opposition to material and artifice. It is increasingly divorced from the concept of religion. This is called a secular spirituality.

Spiritual practice is simply the fact of acting in the interests of others. It is about gradually reorganizing its habits and attitudes so as to less think about one’s own concerns but benefit to others. The sense of connection forms a central feature of spirituality.

Spirituality often focuses on personal experience, solidarity and any relational experimentation. Awareness must be individual and spontaneous to make the changes permanent. Without experience, there can be no sustainability.

Thereby secular spirituality meets the major challenge of our time. We need to reconcile the universality of basic human values, such as respect for others and for oneself, with the wealth of cultural diversity. It is about recognizing the rights attached to the dignity of every human being, regardless of our differences of race, gender, opinion or religion.

The spiritual search is similar to the experience and the experience is similar to scientific research. It gives new meaning to our lives by questioning non-market foundations of the human being caught in its relations with others, with nature, and with its environment. As a mental process of elevation of the spirit, spirituality is a force of resistance to the power of appearances and money, the cult of the ephemeral and superficial, and the immediate dictatorship.

The considerable technical progress, growing exponentially, was not accompanied by a similar progress of the human spirit and humanistic values. The decadence of our materialistic society and the destruction of the environment generated by a financial capitalism linked to the dictatorship of money lead us right into a ravine. The causes of the current economic crisis lie mainly in the emergence of a globalized financial capitalism, unregulated and obsessed with short-term profit and self-centeredness. The revival of spirituality is the only way that can allow humanity to escape a feared or announced collapse of our society.

We can prevent the financial, economic and social crises occur by valuing Ethics and individual responsibility – by increasing the awareness of belonging to an interconnected and interdependent world.

The popular idea that science, economics, governance (companies, organizations, institutions and states) and spirituality are incompatible no longer stands. However, it was previously the case when religion had a monopoly on spirituality. Spirituality is a kind of science of interiority that refocuses on the essentials. Therefore it becomes natural to link all of these disciplines and spirituality.

One of the challenges of EL4DEV is to initiate, stimulate and maintain an economy oriented toward the spiritual. It provides adequate individual behavioural responses in an economic, sociological and ecological crisis. It is about moving towards a balance of our economies. This goes along with the personal development of individuals living in interdependence (with other individuals and surrounding nature). We can call this the evolution of consciousness or spiritual growth.

The spiritual economy includes other constraints that the only research of maximizing his income and his personal pleasure.

As many know, the economy is already running; however, it is still very little considered; it is too much low. We need to design, plan and manage the transition. To achieve this transition one must have a goal. The objective is the shared desire of most people in the world to reverse the current global trend. Everyone is looking for solutions. These solutions are yet in our inner life, our specificity of men and women, i.e. in spirituality to be found there.

Some know. Secular spirituality is very strongly linked to moral philosophy. This moral philosophy is a key component of the processes and solutions developed by the EL4DEV program. Philosophy is the love of wisdom. This is self-knowledge in our interdependence with other human beings, but also with nature and our environment. Philosophical wisdom is a fundamental research approach on the essence of the human spirit and meaning of the universe. It concludes a way of being and acting in everyday life. The love of wisdom is necessarily the love the other, the love of nature. He invites us to open our common humanity.

This philosophy open on life and one’s own behaviour change to reflect the sacredness of every human being strongly brings us closer to spirituality. We are social beings and that is why the need for spirituality is defined as a founding value of the human being.

It is possible now that you participate in this initiative out of the ordinary. Support research and development of the EL4DEV program and get your contributor’s customized space within our Strategic Deployment Tool.